Joining a car club in Singapore. How to join and what to expect

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Joining a Car Community

Thinking of joining a car club in Singapore? If you are a car lover, joining a car club or a car community is likely to be a rewarding experience. But you have to select the car group that is right for you.

We look at some of the significant benefits of joining a club, what to expect and how to find one that suits you. There are four main types of car clubs in Singapore. They are organised around brands, models, interests and "variety" clubs. So you'd have plenty of types and groups to choose from. But first...

Why should you even join a car club in the first place? 

Community and Camaraderie: This is the most crucial benefit a car club can provide you with a community you belong to. A place to make merry with people who enjoy a common interest with you. You will likely forge long-lasting friendships and make tons of memories with like-minded people. And let's face it, who else will understand the pain of rising COE prices more than your friends in your own community?

Knowledge Sharing: It is always nice when you have someone who has info to share whenever you have a question to ask. Is this big brake kit better than my stock kit? Should I paint or wrap my car? We see these types of questions pretty often in our Cult of Cars chat. We also see plenty of members chiming in with their experience and knowledge. 

Access to Events and Activities: Long drives on your own can be fun. But it can be more fun with your friends in tow. A long drive to Kuala Lumpur (KL) is usually better with buddies, too. You will also likely be invited to attend photoshoots, meets and other car-related activities, probably not accessible to non-members. As a car enthusiast, this would be the best for you.

Discounts and Group Purchasing: This is another common reason to join a car community. There is strength in size. Bigger groups can really organise themselves and bargain for better discounts or access bulk discounts that are not available to individuals or smaller groups. You can get some incredible deals and significant savings by joining these groups.

Exclusive Resources: Each group generally wants to try and set itself apart from other car groups. This will lead them to build exclusive resources such as partnerships with various workshops or even the main dealership. They could even provide members-only forums, publications and unique support features. At Cult of Cars, we even offer a free digital concierge to our members. These resources can be incredibly beneficial when you are having issues or need guidance on upgrades. 

Network:  Some people join clubs exclusively to build their networks. We all know some friends who drive a specific car to make 'friends' with a particular type of person. You will even see them rise to the leadership positions in clubs. While they may or may not be car enthusiasts, their reason for joining clubs is undoubtedly valid. Most of the car groups do provide access to wealthy and influential individuals. You can certainly build a strong network in these clubs. However, remember to be an enthusiast first and foremost. Building your network should come after.

Every community will have some of the above in varying degrees. Our car community, Cult of Cars, for example, places heavy emphasis on camaraderie and giving out exclusive resources. 

Other communities may be heavy on knowledge sharing or group discounts. Every car club will be different. So how can you find the ones that fit you?

Finding the club that suits you

When you join a car club, you really want to be a part of it for the long term. In most cases, the short-term benefits would not be great or mind-blowing. You would likely invest a lot of time in the club, so you want it to be where you are comfortable doing so.

So here is how you find you and your car a home.

Define Your Interests: You should always join a car club that suits your interests. Is it off-roading? Tracking? Autocross? Mods? Or maybe, you simply want to make more friends with people who own similar brands. Either way, you should pick a club that suits your interests and the goals that you have for your car. That way, the time invested will pay off with more profound relationships with people who you actually can and want to hang out with.

Online Research: Once you've figured out the club you would like to be a part of, you can start researching the various car clubs online. Some of the car clubs have websites and socials you can look at. Do some research online, but there are other things you need to do. 

In addition, you should also:

Attend Meetups: Attending meetups is a great way to feel the vibe of a club. You will get to talk directly to the club's members. You may ask questions (nicely) about the club's direction and interests and the level of participation that is expected of you. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the club and get a good feel of its current status. Remember to not underestimate the value of a familiar face. Bring a friend along or join with your friend. It can make your entry into a club far more effortless and enjoyable for you.

Ask for Recommendations: Speaking of familiar faces, if you have friends who already belong to a club, you can also ask them. After all, what are friends for? If you trust your friends, their recommendations will work for you. You get to do more activities with friends, and as a member, they can help you get accustomed to the group quickly. A boost (pun intended) to your journey in a car club.

But before you jump in, you will need to know what will be asked of you. Here are some things that are likely to come up when you sign up for the club of your choice.

Participation: You will be expected to be a somewhat active member of the club or community. This means attending regular meets and events, heading on long drives (within or out of Singapore), or even taking up leadership roles within the community. You will only build the relationships you want and have the experiences that you yearn for as an active member of your car club.

Credentials: Some clubs might have entry criteria that they require you to have before they let you into the club. It could be the brand of the car that you drive. It could be the status of your car (stock or modded). It could be the general type of car you drive (JDMs, continental cars, sports cars, or supercars). Just figure out the criterion of the club you want to join and attempt to fulfil it.

Etiquette and Respect: When being in a car community in Singapore (or anywhere in the world), ensure you are respectful and courteous. Even if you disagree, do so graciously and with finesse. This will ensure you are an endearing member of the club and not treated like a troll or a toxic member that people avoid. The aim is to make friends, not enemies. 

Fees and charges: Some clubs will have fees and/or charges. This can be through membership fees, event fees or compulsory purchases. Some of the events may be free, like regular meets or club-sponsored events. Others, such as Malaysia drives or dinner events, might be either subsidised or fully payable. Just remember to ask the admin of each of the clubs what the typical fees may be so you can know what kind of costs you are looking at. The last thing you want is to quibble about price and sour relationships, especially if you think you have found your 'forever' club.

Learning and Growth: You will meet lots of new people, and many of them could be people you can learn from. You are going to learn new things in new ways and grow as a car owner and as a person. Learn eagerly, but also try and see what works for you. Experiment. Grow. At the end of the day, you get to decide what works for you and your car. Remember to continue learning and keep an open mind to know things.

Chairs: Last but not least, remember to bring your chairs. The chair is the quintessential tool of car groups and meets. Parking your car and deploying your chair is car culture 101. So, remember to always have one in your boot. You can find some at Decathlon for $29.90, But if you forget your chair for our Cult of Cars meet, you can always grab one from us too.

So there you have it, everything you need to know before getting into a car club in Singapore. Hope you find a home for you and your car soon! If you have more questions or would like to join our car community (Cult of Cars), you can always ask our members' concierge. Good luck and max speed ahead!

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