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Owning a vehicle in Singapore comes with its fair share of ongoing costs. 

There are two essential aspects of owning a vehicle in Singapore that we will be addressing today - LTA inspections and road tax.

In this article, we will delve into these two aspects, providing a comprehensive understanding of their significance and how they affect vehicle owners.

LTA Inspection: Ensuring Roadworthiness

LTA inspection, also known as the Vehicle Inspection and Type Approval System (VITAS), is a mandatory process that all vehicle owners in Singapore must undergo regularly. The primary goal of LTA inspection is to ensure that vehicles on the road meet safety and emissions standards. Here's what you need to know about LTA inspections:

Frequency of Inspections: The frequency of inspections varies depending on the age of your vehicle. If you have a new car (less than 3 years old), you’re exempt from inspection. Cars from 3 to 10 years old are inspected biannually (once every two years). Older vehicles (3 years or more) require annual inspections.

Inspection Centers: LTA has designated inspection centres where vehicle owners can bring their vehicles for inspection. These centres are equipped with advanced testing equipment to thoroughly examine the vehicle's roadworthiness.

Here are a list of recognised inspection centres by LTA:

JIC Inspection Centre
Ang Mo Kio 21 Ang Mo Kio Street 63 Singapore 569118 6484 7370
Pioneer 53 Pioneer Road Singapore 628505 6863 9639
STA Inspection Centre
Boon Lay 249 Jalan Boon Lay Singapore 619523 6261 6178
Sin Ming 302 Sin Ming Road Singapore 575627 6452 1398
VICOM Inspection Centre
Bukit Batok 511 Bukit Batok Street 23 Singapore 659545 6458 4555
Changi 20 Changi North Crescent Singapore 499613
Kaki Bukit 23 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 Singapore 415933
Sin Ming 385 Sin Ming Drive Singapore 575718
Yishun 501 Yishun Industrial Park A Singapore 768732

Inspection Checklist: During an LTA inspection, vehicles  are examined for various aspects, including brakes, tires, lights, emissions, safety features, and more. Any defects or issues found during the inspection must be rectified before the vehicle is declared roadworthy. View the complete inspection checklist.

If your vehicle is found with any illegal parts or components, you will have to undergo the Enhanced Inspection Regime. Repeated offenders will have to go through frequent inspections every few months within a 2 year duration.

Duration: Inspection centres do not accept bookings, so be ready to queue. The inspection itself should only take around 15 minutes.

Passing the Inspection: If your vehicle passes the inspection, you will receive a Certificate of Inspection, allowing you to renew your road tax. However, if it fails, you must address the issues and have the vehicle re-inspected within a specified period.

You may view your inspection results online here.

Road Tax: The Cost of Ownership

Every registered vehicle in Singapore must have a valid road tax. You can renew road tax for 6 or 12 months.  

Here's what you should know about road tax:

Check the status of your road tax: When you sell a vehicle, any remaining road tax on the vehicle is transferred to the new owner. If you’re the buyer, do check with the seller if the road tax has already been paid.

Renewal prerequisites: To renew your road tax, you must meet the renewal prerequisites:

(1) Insurance. Make sure your vehicle is covered by insurance for the entire period you are paying road tax. It should include coverage for third party liability for deaths and bodily injury. 

(2) Vehicle Inspection. Pass the required vehicle inspection if it is due. You will receive an inspection notice 3 months before your road tax expires.

(3) Clear Outstanding Fines. Ensure there are no outstanding fines or warrants from LTA, HDB, URA and Traffic Police (TP).

View additional prerequisites for weekend cars/off peak cars/revised off peak cars.

Ensure that your vehicle has met all renewal prerequisites at least 3 working days before payment.

Calculation of Road Tax: Road tax is calculated based on several factors, including the engine capacity, vehicle type, and age of the vehicle. Generally, vehicles with larger engines and older vehicles pay higher road tax. Find out how much road tax you have to pay.

Payment: Road tax can be paid online via OneMotoring, AXS (AXS Stations, m-Station or e-Station), SAM (kiosks, SAM web or SingPost Mobile App), GIRO or authorised Road Tax Collection Centres.

For GIRO application, fill up the application form and submit to LTA at least 1.5 months before your road tax expiry date.

For Road Tax Collection Centres, you’ll need to produce your road tax renewal notice, vehicle inspection certificate, certificate of insurance (CI) or cover note (CN). Off-peak cars will require your number plate inspection certificate as well.

Failing to do so can result in late renewal fees up to $270. It is also an offence to keep or use a vehicle with expired road tax. The penalty is a fine up to $2000.

To end off, LTA inspections and road tax are integral components of vehicle ownership. LTA inspections ensure that vehicles on the road are safe and meet emissions standards, promoting road safety and environmental responsibility. On the other hand, road tax contributes to the maintenance and development of the country's transportation infrastructure.

Vehicle owners must stay informed about the requirements and deadlines associated with LTA inspections and road tax to avoid legal and financial consequences. Regular inspections and timely payment of road tax not only keep you on the right side of the law but also contribute to the overall well-being of the transportation system in Singapore.

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