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Your friend in your Car Ownership Journey


Your exclusive car concierge only for Cult of Cars members

Changing the way you look after your car.

Last we checked, cars can't take care of themselves.

Here is where Carello comes in.

If you have a question, just ask. If you need some help, like choosing an accessory, or even something like picking up and dropping off your car, we can handle it for you. If you'd like us to book an appointments at your favourite workshop, or call a tow for you in the middle of the night, just ask. Whatever you run into, trouble or otherwise, Carello is here for you.

noto Carello is a Cult of Cars members' exclusive service.


We go to you at a time convenient for you


We talk to you and understand your car and it's history


We take photos and videos to market your car to our community and Singapore at large


We get your permission to consign your car

introducing OMO

Talk to Omo about all your requests.

Omo is your private access to Carello. Tell Omo about all your needs and/or requests and Omo will give you the best help and advice humanly possible.

Omo's team is filled with dedicated car people ready to surprise your with support.

how to use the concierge?

3 Channels to contact Omo.

Speak to us for a friendly, no obligation chat. Even if you are exploring or don't have everything in order yet, we are more than happy to help.

We will do our best to help you get started.


Find Omo in the Cult of Cars official Telegram group and send him a direct message. All your enquiries will be kept strictly private.

This is the best way to reach Omo.

Cult of Cars Telegram

You can also contact Omo on WhatsApp if that is your preferred platform of choice.


If you cannot wait for an answer, please call us directly.

What our members have used us for.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the all the things we have done to make our members car ownership journey easier for them. We want to bring back the joy of car ownership and driving. Looking forward to meeting your car soon too.

Working well

Appointment setting for workshop services
• Servicing and maintenance
    • Diagnosis and repair

Keeping your car healthy while you're away
    • Start your car to maintain your battery
    • Do a short drive around your carpark
    • Check and remove bird droppings

Sourcing vehicle parts
• Identification of correct parts
    • Arranging for ordering and shipping of parts

Handling compliance requirements
• VICOM / STA inspection
    • LTA inspection

Looking good

Appointment setting for car wash and detailing services
• Washing, polishing, ceramic coating, etc.
    • Application of solar film, paint protection film, etc.
    • Paintless dent removal
    • Spray painting

Sourcing for compatible accessories
    • Finding specific parts given your chassis number
    • Advice on whether something would work for your car

Arranging for photo or video shoots

Changing rides

Buying and selling services
    • Listing and marketing your car for sale
    • Arranging for pre-purchase inspection (PPI)
    • Negotiation with potential buyers/sellers
    • Handling of paperwork
    • Advice about the car you're buying or selling

Financial services
    • Loan advisory and application
    • Insurance advisory and application

Export and scrap valuation

Hardly working

Arranging for emergency services
• Tyre patching and replacement
    • Battery check and replacement
    • Towing services (that is appropriate for your type of car)

Advice and help for accidents