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Gabriel Tan


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Ying Han Lin


6,900 XP


Keegan Tan


6,700 XP


Chee Zhong Heng


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Aaron Chan


4,800 XP


Wayne Lee


4,550 XP

Updated as of 12 July 2024

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We're about people who enjoy cars and driving, not about brands of cars.

All cars are beautiful, and they express who we are. Whether they're stock, modified, or body kitted. Whether they're daily cars, sports cars, or supercars.

When you change your car, you don't change your place in Cult of Cars.


No, we're not talking about having Zoom beer sessions.

We're talking about having the opportunity to connect both online, and in the real world.

Not all of us have the luxury of attending every meet up, or go on every drive. Or maybe we don't want to. Or maybe we're not in Singapore.

But, we can almost certainly keep in touch online.

Good company, responsible adults.

The car community sometimes gets a bad reputation. People see us as nuisances who like to make a racket with our engines. Or drive dangerously. Or elitist folks. And some unfortunately do that.

That's not Cult of Cars. We're about being responsible adults, and having a good time together in a considerate manner.

Whether, like us, you want create a community that has the reputation it actually deserves, or you simply want to be in a community believes in being considerate and responsible, we're here and we'd love to get to know you.

No gatekeeping.

We welcome members from all walks of life, at any age, and at any stage of their car journey.

Whether you're not driving yet (but you love cars), or whether you drive simple or the car of many people's dreams, you're welcome.

Because for us, it's not about the car, it's about enjoying it.

By the way, it's free.

Cult Legends Quest Board

150 XP
International day of combating sand and dust storms

Well, we don't really have any sand or dust storms. But somehow it's really easy to get our cars dirty. Sigh.

150 XP

Are you a Top Gear fan? Catch an episode while you take a break in your car! Of course, please turn off the engine and roll down the windows to be safe! (Just in case you fall asleep).

150 XP
CBD sianz

Oh no, it's back to the CBD area. What time do you usually experience the peak hour jam? Well, at least you can clear this quest while you're bored waiting!

150 XP
Help me wash leh

Washing car is very tiring one leh. Can you lend me a hand and help me wash a not? I guarantee to increase the efficiency by at least two folds!

150 XP
Oreo cookie

It's Omo's favourite snack, especially when it's in a McFlurry. Have you heard of someone who only eats the cookie and not the cream? A waste of cream, it's preposterous.

150 XP

When will my reflection show, who I am inside...half of 2024 has just passed. Time for a bit of a self-reflection.

150 XP
Time to book in

It's back to NS days at Pulau Tekong! What's your rank? Omo is legendary. Oh wait, that's not an army rank...time to drop 20. Sigh.

200 XP
Car masterpiece

Can you draw? It's time to showcase your artistic flair! Let's see how many talents our community has. Omo can't wait to see your artpiece!

150 XP
Chase a rainbow

Somewhere over the the rainbow, way up high... Spot a rainbow if you can! I love the colourful spectrum, don't you? Omo just doesn't know which colour is indigo.

150 XP
Dragon's teeth

Don't ask us why it's dragon's teeth and not tooth. Can you find this significant landmark that guides those at sea to stay on course?

150 XP
Pinkcess passenger

Omo loves being a passenger princess. You don't have to stress about the traffic or the roads. What's there not to love? Omo calls it pink privilege :D

150 XP
Hello darkness

Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk to you again...It's pitch black, Omo can't see anything. And it's also eerily silent. Lights up!

150 XP
Mini me

Find a miniature version of your car. Or build one. It's like playing house and having kids - you now have many miniature versions of you, how fun! Kids, time to roll out.

150 XP
Inside out

Who says our cars have no expressions? That aside, we'd like to congratulate Disney movie Inside Out 2 for smashing global box office records with a $399 million haul!

150 XP
Eagle eyes

I spy with my little eyes...a car that looks strangely familiar! Can you catch us on the road? We've caught Keegan and Wayne driving on the roads once -winks-

150 XP
Knight in shining armour

Don't worry, someone is here to the rescue! Lend a helping hand to our 2 wheel counterparts in need. I'm pretty sure they will thank you for it.

150 XP
Hello police?

Hello police? Yes today is International Countering Hate Speech Day. Someone is acting non-gentlemanly here, can you put him to arrest?

150 XP
Deadly pothole

Don't potholes just annoy you? Especially when they appear out of nowhere. Time to take a little revenge on them - let's report them to LTA and keep our roads safe!

150 XP
Hari raya haji

Omo wishes everyone a blessed Hari Raya Haji filled with peace, joy and prosperity! Here's what you can do to celebrate this joyous occasion!

200 XP
Don't just be a bloodsucker

It's time to become a better person...make a difference and donate your blood today! Your contribution can help save lives and make an impact in our community.

150 XP
Albinism awareness day

It's International Albinism Awareness Day! Omo learnt today that they may have difficulty focusing on moving objects, so don't be mistaken that they're not looking at you while you're talking!

150 XP
Who is the biggest McFan?

This quest is not sponsored. But yes, McDonald's we are your die hard fans! A Happy Meal for all of our Cult of Cars members would make us, very happy. Hint hint.

150 XP
Bak chang delivery

Omo loves to eat these glutinous rice dumplings! There's the savoury kind and the sweet kind - Mmm. How many of them can you eat in a sitting?

150 XP
Child labour

Oh what? There's a World Day Against Child Labour? Well, not all work performed by children is considered as child labour. For example...washing a car? -evil grins-

200 XP
Journey to the west

Ever wonder what's feels like to embark on a legendary pilgrimage to the west? There's no sutra, but if you can find it, the legendary Tuas Lamp Post!

150 XP
Red light camera v2.0

Red light camera version 2.0 is out! All jokes aside, from April 1, 2024, red light cameras across Singapore will be activated to detect speeding. So keep your eyes peeled and avoid speeding on roads!

150 XP
Russian language day

UN's Russian Language Day falls on 6 of June! Omo loves their alphabets - there's even a star symbol. It's time to learn a little Russian - удачи!

150 XP
Holy smokes

It's World Environment Day! Take a photo of a car spitting up smoke...and submit it to NEA? Or if you're kind enough, close an eye. Afterall, it's a $2,000 fine. Ouch.

150 XP
Car convoy

Travel with the whole "engine" gang and make a road trip to Malaysia! As usual, safety first. It's time for some bonding together, let's go have a driving good time!

150 XP
Contingency plan

What are some essential tools to keep in your car? Is there a "must have" tool for every car enthusiasts? Suggest your favourite tool that you'll recommend others!

150 XP
Golden hour

I don't need no light to see you...*Shine*, it's your golden hour~ Let's go capture a beautiful sunset! Do we have one actually, or is it covered? Hmm.

150 XP
Stuck in jam

Oh no! You're stuck in a jam. Well, Omo just couldn't resist making a pun. definitely sounds more delicious. Enjoy while it lasts! ...Or not.

150 XP
FPS kart

What's it like racing a go-kart in the circuit? Share your experience through a video so that others can enjoy the race as though they are riding it too!

150 XP
Excursion trip

It's the June Holidays! Bring some kids for an adventure on the roads. You never know, they may grow up to be a car enthusiast just like you!

150 XP
So near yet so far

It's quite exciting to see another country while you're in your homeland isn't it? It's like you're there, but not really there. See if you can get a nice angle!

150 XP
Beach ride

Time to head to the beach! Omo loves the sound of the waves splashing against the shore...although it is making Omo a little sleepy.

150 XP
Leafy legend

In spirit of Vesak Day, let's go vegetarian for a day! It's time to transform ourselves into Leafy Legends. Omo doesn't like to be vegetarian but... oh well.

150 XP
Happy vesak day

Happy Vesak Day! Shuffle your knees, it's time to make a visit to the temple and celebrate Buddha Siddhartha Gautama's birthday!

150 XP
Holy blessing

Vesak day is around the corner. May the wisdom of a monk be the GPS that guides you on the road to enlightenment. Drive safe with this holy blessing.

150 XP
CBD racer

Here's another Cult of Cars sim racing track timing to clock in at noto HQ! It's back to Orchard road again - enjoy the familiarity while you race.

150 XP
Pokemon trainer

I want to be the very best, like no one ever was, to catch them is my real test, to catch them is my cause...Omo's having Pokemon fever. Which is your favorite Pokemon?

150 XP
Ascend to glory

Since we're heading to TimMac, it's time to have a hotwheels moment (no racing please) as you drive up the curvy multistorey carpark! Omo's been there once, it experience.

150 XP
Kerby derby

Sigh, some carparks just have to be designed in a certain way. Not to curse anyone, but if in an unfortunate event you've got a kerb rash, here's some XP points for consolation.

150 XP
Bumperless ride

What does a car look like without its bumper? Well, Omo doesn't know, could you mind sharing with me? Just out of plain curiosity.

150 XP

Driving below the speed limit may be as dangerous as speeding, but sometimes slowing down in life is great. Let's do it somewhere safely!

150 XP
First timer

Sending a warm welcome to those who are joining our car meets/events for the first time! Looking forward to more car knowledge sharing, meets and drives with you!

200 XP

It's been awhile, but noto is back with another mac's quest! We're simply obsessed with McDonald's, or as our cult calls it - Mekdi! Personally, I like to call it Macudunaidu.

150 XP
Same same but different

What are the chances of find another car with the same license plate number? Well, we did chance upon ours and squealed a little. Even thought it was a sign and bought 4D.

150 XP
Top gear

"Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you." It's your time to shine! We feel it's the closest you can get to a Top Gear experience.

150 XP
Tow truck mania

What is the chance that you can find a tow truck towing a tow truck? That'll be quite an interesting scene. Share it to the rest of us when you see it!

150 XP
Find the cow

Can you find a cow in Dairy Farm Nature Park? Well, we didn't say that it had to be a real one. Hope you don't have to find it till the cow comes home. Good luck!

150 XP
Birthday quest

Do you know which celebrities have their birthday on 2nd May? Well, if you can name a few at the top of your head, you're a true legend too. #cultlegendsworthy

150 XP
Happy Labour Day

An annual day to celebrate all mother's giving labour! I mean, it's Happy 'Labour' Day...right? It's also a chance to thank all mothers for their hard work <3

150 XP
Solo carry

What is work-life balance? Going to work is like getting a dose of joy everyday. Are you someone who frequently works during the weekends or holidays?

150 XP
Free wheeling

Well, how hard is it to push a car in neutral? From what I've heard, cars nowadays are so heavy you can barely move a Honda Fit. true is that?

150 XP
Personal best

It's time to race! Set a lap and record your personal best at Singapore's largest Go-Kart Circuit, KF1 @ Kranji! Will you be the MVP? Ready, set, GO!

150 XP

Is it still worth it to go pump petrol at JB? Well, if you're saving around $22 it is still money...right? If you think about it, 4 times a month it's $88.

150 XP

A bold mission awaits! We won't tell you to blend seamlessly into another car meet cause though. With our noto shirt, we're meant to stand out from the crowd.

150 XP
EV expedition

It's time to take a cruise in an electric vehicle! There has been a debate whether EVs are truly green for the environment - what do you think?

150 XP
Car toto

Are you skilled or lucky enough to get beautiful patterns on your odometer? At least it's the closest feeling to striking a real Toto. Good luck!

150 XP
Let's go gaigai

Let's go do a little grocery shopping! And maybe grab a little snack that's the same colour as your car. Cause why not? Hopefully your car's colour ain't that unique ;)

150 XP
Assetto corsa

Would you like to set a Cult of Cars sim racing record? Hop by noto HQ and have a match to see if you can beat our fastest record and clinch a position on our leaderboard!

200 XP
Gold laner

Be that marksman that dominates the gold lane! But wait, something doesn't feel right...aren't I supposed to be farming more gold rather than giving it out?

150 XP
Punctured tyre

Did you know - it's actually pronounced tyre 'pancit'? Not tyre pong chek...or pam chek. Here's some XP points to brighten your day for your punctured tyre.

150 XP
Accessorise your raya

Decorate your car with a Hari Raya accessory for some Raya vibes! Maybe DIY a ketupat origami? What a splendid idea. *Pats our own back*

150 XP
Car expo

Singapore's largest car show The Car Expo will be taking place this weekend! Happening on the 13 & 14 April at Singapore EXPO, Hall 4 & 5!

200 XP
Memang sedap!

Yums, it's time to feast! What's your favourite dish for Hari Raya? Well, Omo's personal favourite is lemang and rendang. Memang sedap oi!

250 XP
Duit raya

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Wishing all our Muslim friends a blessed Eid with family and friends. May your day be filled with laughter, joy and good food!

250 XP
Semangat raya

Get ready to illuminate your evening at the Geylang Serai Hari Raya Light Up with a mesmerising display of lights. Don't miss out on this spectacular event!

200 XP
Break fast

It's Ramadan, a month of fasting, worship, service, communal gathering and spiritual development. Accompany your Muslim friends while they break fast!

250 XP
Tuktuk ride

The trishaw was a common means of transport back in the olden days, see if you can capture a photo with a colourful one on the streets of Malacca!

250 XP
Chicken rice ball

Ever wondered why Melaka's Chicken Rice is shaped into cute little balls? We're not sure which one is the real story, but it sure is convenient!

250 XP
Ahoy, mate!

There once was a ship that put to sea, the name of the ship was the Billy O' Tea, the winds blew up, her bow dipped down, oh blow, my bully boys, blow HUH!

100 XP
Map quest

Can your eagle eyes spot your own car on Google Maps? Well, it's not going to be easy - happy hunting!

200 XP
Happy April Fool's

It's April Fool's Day! Hmm...can you guess what this quest is about before clicking in? Well, let's just say we have a very cheeky admin.

250 XP
Snipe a sniper

Who says Traffic Police are the only ones that can be sneaky? Here's a true test of how sharp your eyes are, can you snipe a photo of a TP sniper? Don't get caught speeding!

200 XP
Catch us if you can

Catch the admins wearing our Cult of Cars shirt if you can! Grab them to take a photo with your car for some XP points ;)

1000 XP

Where's my Harry Potter fans at? Let's recreate a little magic with a Shrinking Charm in the Muggle world, shall we? Reducio!

250 XP
What the fail

Can you skillfully flunk a VICOM/STA inspection? Well, here's a chance to do it! Of course, please do ensure you pass your inspection eventually.

200 XP
Street zoophilist

Let us venture and look for animals...on the streets! We're talking about murals of wild animals of course. Do you know where to find one?

1000 XP
I love the police

Instead of getting pulled over by Traffic Police officers, why not pull one over yourself for a friendly photo? Well, if you manage to!

500 XP
Friendly neighbours

It's so much fun in JB! Let's pay a visit to our friendly neighbours for a drive...try to avoid the jam though, if you know what are the best timings to go in :)

200 XP

Show off your favorite car accessory! Have a proud mama moment of your unique, cute, or functional accessory in your car and who knows? You might gain a few customers asking for it!

250 XP
Akina Part 2

An Initial D reference. Well...if you get it, you get it. It's time to head for a fun drive at Mount Faber! I love the twists and turns, don't you?

200 XP
High flyer

Are you an overachiever? Take your journey to new heights and reach for the skies! The time to realise our dreams is now.

300 XP
Heave high ho hum

Heave high ho hum! I smell the gasoline of a Singaporean car. Be it functioning, or be it dead, I'll fix it well to make it great.

500 XP
Sardine can

As the saying goes - packed like a can of sardines! Can you break the world record for the highest number of people packed into a car? As always, safety first!

250 XP
Can tompang?

It's nice to do something for others once in awhile. Let someone hitch a ride on your car! And along the way, share some laughs, some stories, some good vibes.

200 XP
Lend a hand

Washing a car is hard work. Why not lend a hand to someone? It's time to have some splashing fun and get squeaky clean! Just don't get yourself soaking wet.

200 XP
Back to base

It's time to chill and replenish your HP at noto's base. Open for visitation from 11am till late - as long as there's someone around.

200 XP
Be a Jungler

Legends go where no others dare. It's time to farm some XP and explore the forests on the map. Geddit geddit? We thought it was a good pun.

500 XP
Switch it up

Have you ever dreamed of what it feels like to drive another car? Well, we've created a convenient excuse for you to do so -winks-

250 XP
Is it time for supper?

We hear those stomachs growling! Jump in, buckle up, and let's satisfy those late-night cravings together.

200 XP
Set the vibe

Are you ready? It's time to turn up the music! Show us your favorite car song and vibe behind the wheel!

200 XP
Are you a Swiftie?

Taylor Swift is in Singapore! We can't help ourselves but to do a quest related to the whole hype surrounding it - with a Suzuki Swift!

500 XP
Monkeying around

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Channel your inner monkey with 3 mischievous Cult of Cars members! Wait, isn't there supposed to be a 4th monkey?

300 XP
99 road benders

Let us unite - for a drive at the legendary 99 Bends! But heed caution, for the 99 Bends demand respect and vigilance. Stay focused, stay sharp and be safe!

200 XP
Gas & grocery

Did someone say groceries? It's time to do a little shopping - at the petrol station! Grab an item quick to complete this quest, start your mini shopping spree.. whee!

200 XP
Monday blues

Feeling the Monday blues? Instead of letting Monday drag you down, let's turn the tables and chase those blues away!

200 XP
It's carwash time!

It rains a lot around here. Don't you think so? Well, see if you can catch a rainy day for a free carwash!

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