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Investing in a Driving Refresher Course

Singapore's streets are notorious for their unique challenges, and we all know that being on top of your driving game is a must.

If you haven’t been driving in awhile and been a little rusty, driving refresher courses are the go-to to help you get back on your feet and familiarise yourself with the roads once again.

As long as you hold a valid Class 3/3A/3C/3CA Singapore Qualified Driving License, you’re eligible for the refresher course.

So why do Singaporeans go for refresher courses? Here are the top reasons from our driving refresher course, Street Smart Programme!

#1 Builds Driving Confidence

Nervous behind the wheel? 

We believe most people would agree - driving schools don’t prepare you for the real world.

There are quite a number of people around us that have gotten their driving licence, but sadly have no courage to drive on the roads - and we don’t blame them either. 

There’s lots to learn on the road. With a refresher course, you can take your time to get accustomed to driving a new, or different car. 

Not to mention there’ll be someone there to guide you - for that extra sense of security.

#2 Identify Bad Driving Habits

Bad driving habits? We've all got them. 

Whether it’s braking too hard, changing lanes too abruptly, not keeping your car in the middle of the lane, checking your blind spots too early/late, not turning the steering wheel correctly, yada yada.

These are bad habits that you probably want to get rid of at an early stage before it becomes a part of you.

#3 Master Parking & Driving Expressways

Parking can be a nightmare for new drivers, especially in crowded areas like multi-storey carparks or public lots.

Even some experienced drivers struggle with parallel parking, angle parking, or even just squeezing into tight spots without scraping nearby vehicles.

Fresh out of driving school, navigating expressways can be daunting as well. High speeds and merging lanes require advanced driving skills like the zipper merge, which is usually not taught in driving schools.

Refresher courses are good practice to help you master these techniques, giving you the confidence to park and navigate with ease and precision in any situation.

So, what’s covered under a refresher course?

A driving refresher course is designed for drivers who are new to driving, or have not driven for a number of years and want to refresh their driving skills for better road safety.

Topics covered under refresher courses

  • Pre-drive Checks
  • Vertical & Parallel Parking in Multi-Storey Carparks
  • Expressway Driving

In general, these are the few topics covered in a refresher course. Of course, the breadth and depth of the course differs depending on the instructor or school.

The ultimate purpose of a refresher course is to help you learn to drive and park confidently again, without worry or fear.

Where can I take my refresher course?

Street Smart Programme

noto has recently rolled out a Street Smart Programme to help licensed drivers, new or those who haven’t been driving for a long time, to pick up driving once again.

The programme covers areas such as parking in multi-storey car parks, driving on expressways, getting comfortable driving in the Central Business District area and more.

The main objective is to provide one-on-one guidance and support as you get comfortable with steering and driving on Singapore’s roads.

The best part about it? The programme can be customised according to your preferred locations - and our instructors will be able to pick you up and drop you off anywhere in Singapore.

Driving Schools

You can also consider enrolling in a refresher course offered by established driving schools such as BBDC (Bukit Batok Driving Centre), CDC (ComfortDelGro Driving Centre), or SSDC (Singapore Safety Driving Centre).

These driving schools typically offer comprehensive refresher programs led by qualified instructors who are experienced in helping drivers improve their skills and confidence on the road.

The structured nature of the courses and the expertise of the instructors can provide valuable guidance as you refresh your driving abilities.

However, it's important to be aware that there may be enrollment fees associated with these courses, and you may need to experience long waiting times (a few months) before securing a slot due to the unavailability of instructors.

Private Driving Instructors

Another option for taking a refresher course is to engage a private driving instructor. 

One of the advantages of getting a private driving instructor is the ability to tailor the curriculum to your specific needs and goals.

However, it’s difficult to find a good and experienced instructor. 

Most private driving instructors would prioritise learners that are going for their driving tests, and may only have experience in teaching students how to pass their driving test. (Unlike Street Smart programme, we’re specialised to do the job -winks-)

It’s important to do your research and choose the right one.

How much does a refresher course cost?

Course Fees starting 1 Jan 2024

Enrolment Fees ($) (Include GST) Duration (per session) Minimum Req. Min. Estimated Total Cost
Street Smart $0 $80 ~ $100 (Depends on bundle chosen) 2 hours - $200 to $480
Private Approx $89 Approx $55 - - $144 (for 1 hour)
BBDC $106.82 (valid 1 year) $71.94 (Off Peak) $80.66 (Peak) 1hr 40 mins 5 lessons $466.52 to $510.12
CDC $54.50 (valid 6 months) $90.47 (Manual/Auto) $93.74 (EV) 1hr 40 mins 2 lessons $235.44 to $241.98
SSDC $43.60 $81.75 1hr 40 mins 4 lessons $370.60

Street Smart bonus: Pick up and drop off is included in our Street Smart Programme as an added bonus. Location can be near your home, office or any location in Singapore. Car rental is also included.

Who should do it? 

New Drivers. While new drivers have passed their driving test, they may still lack real-world experience and encounter situations on the road that were not covered during their lessons.

Drivers Returning to Driving After a Break. Individuals who have taken a break from driving, whether due to their inability to afford a car previously, living in an area with good public transportation, health reasons, or other circumstances, can benefit from a refresher course to regain confidence and ensure they're comfortable behind the wheel and up-to-date with current road rules and best practices.

Drivers with Anxiety or Confidence Issues. Some drivers may experience anxiety or lack confidence behind the wheel, which can affect their safety and enjoyment of driving. A refresher course can provide techniques and guidance to help overcome these issues and improve overall driving confidence.

Mature Drivers. As people age, their physical abilities, reaction times, and vision may change, which can impact their driving skills. A refresher course tailored to mature drivers can help address these changes and provide strategies for safe driving as they age.

Experienced Drivers. Even seasoned drivers can benefit from a refresher course to update their knowledge of traffic laws, learn about new regulations, and sharpen their driving skills.

Why should I take a refresher course?

1. Enhanced Safety

Even experienced drivers can develop bad habits over time or become complacent with road rules and regulations. 

A driving refresher course allows you to revisit essential driving skills, learn about new laws or regulations, and refresh your understanding of the correct driving techniques. 

By staying updated and honing your skills, you'll become a safer and more responsible driver, reducing the risk of accidents or collisions.

2. Increased Confidence

If you haven't been behind the wheel for a while or if you're feeling nervous about driving in certain situations, a refresher course can help boost your confidence. 

Through guided practice sessions and personalised instruction, you'll have the opportunity to sharpen your driving abilities and address any areas of concern. 

As your skills improve and your confidence grows, you'll feel more comfortable and in control while driving on the road.

3. Address Specific Concerns or Challenges

Whether you struggle with parallel parking, highway merging, or navigating busy intersections, a driving refresher course allows you to focus on specific areas where you feel less confident or competent. 

With targeted instruction and practice, you can overcome these challenges and become a more proficient driver overall.

Want to become a qualified driver on Singapore roads soon?

Sign up for our Street Smart Programme today!

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