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It's time to be Street Smart

If you’re looking for a driving refresher course, chances are you came across noto’s Street Smart Programme.

What is Street Smart?

If you’re looking for a driving refresher course, chances are you came across noto’s Street Smart Programme.

Compared to the other driving school refresher courses, Street Smart is a structured, systematic course to help students to learn driving.

Covering topics like expressways, parking, car maintenance and more, the programme is structured to help students build their confidence in areas that they need help with.

Each student will be assigned an experienced instructor to guide them while they drive.

Without further ado, here’s more about noto’s Street Smart Programme!

What topics should I pick as a new learner?

If you’re a new driver fresh out of driving school, chances are, there’s quite a long list of things that you don’t know yet.

This usually includes navigating expressways, parking at multi-storey car parks, driving in the CBD area and entering/exiting a roundabout.

We would recommend going for topics that you would really want to master first. 

For you, it may be that 45 degree parking that pro drivers do. Or learning how to drive that expressway that takes you to school or work.

What is the advantage of joining the Street Smart Programme?

If you haven’t already known, driving schools and private driving instructors are packed to the brim

Last we heard, the drop off rate for normal driving lessons has been ridiculously high due to the long waiting time. And students going for refresher driving course would definitely have less priority than those going for driving tests. 

We’ve heard of students who have to wait for 6 months just to book a class at driving schools. Although schools are hiring, they currently face a shortage of driving instructors.

And the same shortage applies for private driving instructors (numbers have been dwindling as Traffic Police has stopped issuing licence for driving instructors since 1987).

1. Shorter waiting time 

At Street Smart, we specialise in driving refresher courses so you can guarantee an immediate assignment of an instructor. You no longer have to wait for months! (Of course, this depends on your own schedule availability as well).

2. Pick your own pickup/drop off location

Think of it like Grab, but better. You get to choose your pick up or drop off at locations (whether it’s from home, office, school). No more rushing or travelling far distances just to get to your driving refresher course.

3. Indicate your preferred route 

You have the freedom to pick any route you like. If you’d like to familiarise yourself with the driving route to work, or drive in the CBD area, just inform your driving instructor!

Who qualifies for Street Smart?

Street Smart Programme caters to all categories of car licences, whether it’s Class 3/3A/3C (manual/auto/conversion).

The programme caters to any Singapore driving licence holder who would like to have someone experienced to guide them while they drive.

You can be a new driver fresh out of school, or someone who hasn't driven in years and would like to return back to the roads again.

However, do note that you’ll need to have a valid driving licence before signing up for the programme.  

What is the course like?

Your sessions will be scheduled based on your availability. Each session will take up a total of 2 hours.

On the day of the session, our driving instructor will pick you up.

You’ll be given time to get comfortable with the car. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the steering and handling, our driving instructor will then structure your learning based on your needs and the topics you’ve chosen.

What are the topics I can choose from?

Depending on the bundle you have chosen, you'll probably either cover 1 or more of the following topics.


For those who haven’t driven on the expressway before, it can be quite intimidating

It requires knowledge of how to merge into lanes, when you should overtake in fast, possibly heavy traffic and travelling at high speeds without panicking.

This module teaches you to drive confidently on expressways, so that you can filter, enter and exit lanes safely.

Car Park

Is your knowledge of parking limited to the techniques taught at driving schools? Or it has been so long that you’re not sure if you still know how to park?

This module aims to teach you how to vertical and parallel park in multi-storey car parks and open space car parks.


This module teaches you general driving etiquette, and includes tips on how you can become an experienced driver on roads. 

It also covers important driving skills such as: 

(1) Judging speed and distance during lane change

(2) Cut safely into lanes

(3) Things to take note of when you’re driving amongst motorists, buses and long vehicles.

(4) Navigating around tight spaces 


Drivers in Singapore are not officially trained to navigate around roundabouts. Yes, there are traffic rules, but as a first timer you’ll probably be nervous.

In this module, you’ll practise how to enter/exit a roundabout safely without causing an obstruction to traffic.

Of course, we also cover other topics like navigation and car maintenance.

What do I have to bring?

You’ll have to bring your driving licence (Singpass is acceptable) for the first session.

Which are the popular topics?

The popular topics include parking, roads and expressways.

Can you explain the available options to me?

Our available bundles are:

(1) Trial - 2 Hour Bundle - $200

(2) Focused - 4 Hour Bundle - $360 (Original price $400, Save 10%)

(3) Comprehensive (Most Popular) - 6 Hour Bundle - $480 (Original price $600, Save 20%)

Under car setup & control, we’ll cover the essentials like what is a fitting seat adjustment, how do you gauge the distance and size of car, turning left/right correctly so that you’re not too right or left and more.

Car rental is included, and lessons come with an additional charge of $30 for weekday nights or weekends (Peak hour).

How is the pricing compared to other options?

For each session, each Street Smart driving refresher class is as low as $80 per hour, depending on bundle chosen. We do not charge for any enrolment fees.

We do not have a minimum requirement for the number of lessons that you have to attend.

For more information about price comparison, we’ve done a comprehensive pricing breakdown here.

Why do we cover these topics?

At noto, we strive to help our students to become better drivers. Whether it’s because you haven’t driven for a long time and have forgotten everything, or you would like to gain confidence and experience driving, our professional driving instructors are here to help.

And don't worry, our instructors are incredibly patient and encouraging.

It’s totally understandable that many of us haven’t been driving in Singapore for years, so do know that if you haven’t driven for a long, long time - you’re not alone!

noto Street Smart reviews

We strive to provide a good driving learning experience for each and every learner. Our aim is that you can walk away being a more safe and confident driver on the road. 

More importantly, you’ll find our driving tips handy (we’ve got plenty of them) and that you will no longer fear driving on your own without any guidance.

Since our inception in March 2024, we’ve garnered many positive reviews by students. You can check our reviews here!

We've really enjoyed working with them and hope that our students will continue to practise and enjoy driving!

I’m not sure how many lessons I need.

We would advise going for the 6 hour bundle, as you can get the full 20% discount.

It also helps you to practice more under a safe environment before venturing out on the roads on your own.

We've got repeat customers who have been asking for more lessons, citing reasons like they would like to explore more topics like night driving, or they would like more lessons to build their driving confidence - please know that you are more than welcomed to sign up for more classes according to your needs.

(Of course, we're advocating for more safe drivers on the road).

How do I sign up?

Interested to sign up? Drop us a whatsapp or sign up here!

Do note that the slots for Street Smart driving refresher classes are currently being taken up fast, so it may take awhile to process. Let us know your availability so that we can allocate you a slot at your earliest possible time.

If you can, include the topics you would like to focus on, and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

That’s all! Happy driving folks!

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